Sports Performance Testimonials

 “I just finished my 9th offseason training program at Tim Soder Physical Therapy and I feel bigger, stronger, and better than I ever have. TSPT has continued to push me to reach my physical potential in heights I didn’t realize were possible. I am very fortunate to work with some of the best and smartest people in this industry through my career and the more I work with the TSPT Performance team, the more I realize they are the best resource to be my best. As you get older, you are supposed to find limitations to what your body can do. Today, I throw harder, have better recovery, and am more athletic than when I first walked into the building, which says a lot about the program. I am confident saying that without TSPT I never would have reached my ultimate goal of getting to the big leagues. Thanks for everything TSPT! “ – Paul Sewald, Major League Pitcher for the Seattle Mariners

 “The strength and conditioning program at TSPT has been nothing short of amazing. Mark provides individual detailed attention even in the small group setting. The growth we have seen in our son is phenomenal. I highly recommend this program and would score it a perfect 10.” – Neal Efron Father of current TSPT athlete

 “Working with TSPT has transformed our team into a national powerhouse every year. The way they can assess each individual player and build a total athlete sets them apart. They treat each player with care, like a family member. The cutting edge workouts and development give us a competitive advantage every time we take the field.” – Bryan Gidge, Pitching Coach at College of Southern Nevada.

Wellness Testimonials

“As the old saying goes, if you don’t use it you lose it. Working out with Becky and Mark has kept me more active and young. I am especially thankful for the wellness program at Tim Soder Physical Therapy.” – J.T.

” Over the past year I have been working with Becky at Tim Soder PT. Prior to working with Becky, I underwent a serious shoulder surgery leaving my strength in that shoulder at 50% of my normal. My shoulder is now 100% and I have lost over 25 pounds as a bonus. Working with Becky and Mark has motivated me to be the best and healthiest as I can be. ” – Gary

 “Becky has been my personal trainer for a year and a half now. I’m 67 and have had 2 back surgeries in 2020. Becky is passionate about fitness and it shows through her enthusiasm she brings to every session. Her easy going personality creates a relaxed comfortable atmosphere. She makes each work out creative, CHALLENGING, and fun. She also places high value on correct form with each exercise. The results I have achieved are due to Becky’s perfect combination of diverse training techniques, individualized training programs and challenging and achievable goals. Because of her efforts, I’m more strong and flexible, I have better balance and more importantly I enjoy working out. Becky is the real deal…and is the standard that any trainer should be measured.” -Tom

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